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We provide support when no other charities or organisations can. Our Foundation has been established to help individuals who live within an identified area of reach in and around Reading.

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Liam MacDevitt

Liam MacDevitt

The Foundation has made a huge difference to me, it’s given me the opportunity to make my dream a reality. It’s enabled me to maximise my potential and given me everything I need to try and qualify for the Olympics.

By helping me with the cost of gym, physio, equipment and travel expenses I have been able to focus on my training without having to worry about raising money and the cost involved. This extra support has allowed me to gain access to opportunities that would have been almost impossible without the support. For example, I have been invited to take part in a European athletics circuit, which will be against Europe’s best athletes. I cannot thank the Foundation enough, for not just their financial support but also their continued encouragement.

The whole team at the Foundation are committed to bettering the lives of people in Reading, the passion and determination to do this has been humbling. I cannot begin to justify their kindness through words, I can only try to repay them by doing all I can to become an Olympian.

Thea Clarke

"My life has changed overnight following my diagnosis of Ewing Sarcoma (Cancer). I’m only 13 and when I found out I had cancer last year I was completely shocked…"

Ewing Sarcoma is a rare form of bone cancer. It most commonly affects people between the ages of 10 to 20 years old. It’s an aggressive form of cancer and requires intensive treatment. As a result of diagnosis Thea underwent an operation to harvest eggs and ovarian tissue and insert a Hickman line. She was then treated with intensive chemotherapy for 18 weeks and had an operation to remove bone and tissue and insert a metal knee joint, which was screwed into her tibia and femur. Thea then went through consolidation chemotherapy for another 24 weeks.

The Foundation was able to present Thea with an iPad air. Something she desperately wanted so that she could talk to her friends and watch films when having chemotherapy.

Thea said, “Thank you so so much for my iPad. I love it!

I have used it to get in touch with my friends, Skype my cousin who is at university, and play lots of games. I am also using it to catch up on my schoolwork as I have not been to school since I had my first operation at the end of September.

I spend quite a lot of time chatting with my best friend Grace. I have also started to do jigsaws on it – this is so much better as normally my back aches when I lean over the table to do the big jigsaws with Mum.

I really do appreciate the size of the iPad as I can hold it easily and it is not too heavy like a computer is on my leg. I am also easily able to take it to hospital as I spend quite a lot of time in either the Royal Berks, or the John Radcliffe. I am doing an art award with the school teachers in Oxford and I will be writing my comments for my portfolio on my iPad.

Thank you again – its brilliant”

Thea Clarke