My Charity Run for the John Sykes Foundation

A Christmas card from Ufton Court!
A Christmas card from Ufton Court!

A big ‘Thank You’ from Charlie Sykes

It was an early morning start for Charlie Sykes when he set out to the run on a cold crisp August morning alongside his Dad, Founder and Chairman of the JSF, John Sykes and Foundation Trustee Andrew Strong, the aim was to run 6 kilometres, however, with his get up and go attitude, Charlie ended up running a strong 6.4 kilometres. Charlie said “The time leading up to the run was amazing, I felt electric and really happy I was giving back to the community of Reading, although I was really nervous as the only practice I had done was one practice run. Although I was exhausted after the run I kept a smile on my face knowing that I had done something good”.

Charlie Sykes would like to thank everyone for their kind donations and support.

Currently Charlie has raised £304 for the JSF.