More News with Thea

Almost a year ago now, we donated an iPad to Thea, who has, for nearly 2 years, been suffering with a rare form of bone cancer. Thea, and her Mum, Ali, have been battling through this tough time, and it has been getting even more difficult with more complications being added on to Thea’s struggle.

We have kept in great contact with Thea and Ali, and what Ali finds hard is keeping Thea’s spirits lifted, especially being a single parent with tight funds. It is even more difficult with Thea being unable to do the activities that others of her own age would not.

The John Sykes Foundation recently donated £1000 to Thea and Ali, of which they were both overwhelmed by. Ali said “It will make such a difference being able to afford to buy things, which will make a difference over the forthcoming months.”

This would consequently make a difference in Thea’s reaction to her treatment, as both her and her Mum would have their spirits lifted up, because they wouldn’t have to worry as much!

We’re here for you Thea!