First Grant of 2020!

First Grant of 2020!

Tania moved to Reading in 1980 with a unfortunate and devastating family history. Not only has this been a strain on her mental health, she also has complex medical conditions including a left leg amputation below the knee and poor sensory feeling in her fingers.

Tania's constant companion is a dog named Riley, who she loves taking outside for walks.

Tania applied for a grant for a weathersuit and unbreakable cups and mugs. Her previous weathersuit was bound by duct tape, being old and uncomfortable, and without this, she would not be able to go outside with Riley. In addition, due to Tania's loss of feeling in her fingers, she cannot gauge temperature, so easily burns herself and drops crockery, breaking them.

The John Sykes Foundation were able to provide a brand new weathersuit for Tania as well as a set of unbreakable cups and mugs! Tania said she was over the moon and was looking forward to taking Riley out for a walk in her new suit and also to be able to make friends a cup of tea in a cup that was not broken!

Thanks to your donations, we can help more people like Tania. Applying for a grant is easy, for more information, please visit the How We Can Help section.